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Start your adventure, level up your character, enhance your skills, and delve into dungeons with friends in the world of Ligmar!

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Discover the world of Ligmar

Unlock a realm where every player can become a legend. Ligmar is more than a place—it's a journey that rewards your prowess.

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Unique items

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Invite friends to Ligmar and get rewards

Assemble a team of valiant heroes in the world of Ligmar! Invite your friends and earn exclusive bonuses, coins, and valuable items. Each new ally not only strengthens your team but also brings additional bonuses for everyone.

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Latest updates to our online MMORPG

AMA session #2


We delved into current tasks and queries. We discussed the future, upcoming plans, and development, plus addressed some intriguing questions from the players. We also highlighted some exciting features not present in the current version of the game. Dive in for more details!

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AMA session #3


In our first AMA session, we explored Ligmar's lore, development plans, how we can support you, current results and tasks, as well as contests and rewards, and also responded to players' questions.

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Why play MMORPG game Ligmar?

Battle and explore the mysterious world of Ligmar, filled with unique quests and formidable enemies.

Level up your hero, learn new skills and collect rare items to win battles.

Become a guild member, join alliances and engage in epic PvP battles.

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Our social media

Join lively discussions, AMA sessions and share your success stories on Ligmar's social platforms. Ligmar is not only an exciting adventure, but also a place where players become friends and fellow battlers.

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Become part of Ligmar's unique gaming community, where you will find like-minded people and share experiences with the best players.

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