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Discover the world of MMORPG-games in Telegram: play, explore and conquer without limits!

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Telegram game: Advantages

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Quick access to the game

Launch Ligmar directly in Telegram and play anytime, anywhere you are.

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Play with Friends

Use Telegram chats to quickly create groups and parties in dungeons, execute contracts, and engage in large-scale battles.

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Stay up to date with new contracts, events and updates. Ligmar ensures that you are always up to date with all the opportunities and changes in the game.

Join the community of our Telegram MMORPG

Telegram is the heart of our community where you can participate in lively discussions, AMA sessions and make new friends. Ligmar on Telegram is your adventure just one click away.

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Online MMORPG Ligmar in the community

Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all game updates. Ligmar is not just an exciting adventure, it's a place where players become friends and allies in battles.